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Minutes of Occupy Lancaster 1st birthday G.A. 01/12/12 Dalton Square

20+ people met in Dalton Square in the resurrected “kitchen tent” (Dec. 2011 Occupy camp) to celebrate our first Occupy anniversary
– starting with a cheer for  Agenda Item 1: “Hurray, we are here!”
-  2. Okapi Skillshare (co-op): future skillshare ideas to be discussed/approved at GA. Future Reflexology & “Ways With Wool” (aka knitting/crochet) skillshares were approved. - Okapi  will be GA agenda item in future, to encourage participation in this Occupy group.

Meeting minutes Sat 21 st Jan 2012

N.B. We were offered a space downstairs in the market after the meeting had finished.

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Meeting minutes Sat 21 st Jan

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Occupy Lancaster

General Assembly Notes: Sat. 14.1.12.

GA Notes: Sat. 14.1.12.

A well-attended meeting, with many new faces.

Eviction - Press Release: 9/1/12

There are over 1 million empty properties in the UK, 350,000 of these have been vacant for over a year. Money is being spent on keeping these places empty with no benefit to communities and with negative devaluation of properties in the surrounding area. Criminalising squatting in the middle of a housing crisis, as the Con-Dem government plan to do, is only going to make matters worse.

News Flash from Occupy Lancaster


Just heard word, The Railton Hotel next to the train station is now OCCUPIED!!! As the ongoing occupation of Lancaster reaches this new and exciting stage, this is a huge ALL HANDS ON DECK moment: we need as many people down there as possible today ASAP (i.e. now!!) to relieve tired folk, maintain numbers there and especially to help tidy the place up and make it look liveable!!

Statement from Occupy Lancaster

Last Wednesday, December the 14th, Occupy Lancaster celebrated its second week in Dalton Square with a live music session in our steamy mess tent and kitchen. The people gathered at camp that night were, as usual, a wide ranging group of folk from all ages and walks of life. Beyond the food and music, what we shared in common was our common indignation at the attacks to our communities now facing us all.

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