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Minutes of the GA, Sat. 11.8.12. in Friends' Mtg House garden.

1. Agenda for the transatlantic skype GA with Occupy Lancaster, Pennsylvania 5-6pm next Sat, 18.8.12. @ The Robert Gillow, Lancaster UK:
- introduction of those present, the local area (UK & US).
- display our banner + a list of our activities over the last 8.5mths. - what they/we are proud of achieving
- similar campaigns/issues (fracking, growing food: OLPA farm, Incredible Edible L/cr

GA Minutes: Sat, 9th June, 2012.

Our first GA in Single Step’s newly spruced-up basement (11 present).
1. After discussing 11 suggested venues, Single Step basement will be the default venue (for now), with outdoor mtgs over the summer, weather permitting. Any changes on a particular Saturday will be posted on fb, the website + notice at SS.
2. The ‘community hub’ premises in town we’ve been investigating to be put on hold (for now) because of the cost (financial & energy) of doing it up/keeping it ticking over. A “pop-up shop” was discussed, which would also need funds.

GA 2nd June deferred

In a change to the GA minutes for the 19.5.2012, the next GA will NOT be on the 2nd June .
Occupy Lancaster GA & Univ of Occ L/re now postponed (probably to the 9th). Instead:
SAT 2nd: 1pm, event in Priory Field, now called 'Never Mind the Monarchy Festival'. (Before which, the town crier launches the official jubilee celebrations in Market Sq at 12.)
Full info on Never Mind the Monarchy here: http://www.facebook.com/events/243044365804086/

General Assembly, Dalton Square 19.5.2012

1) Comms group update:
H trying to get internet connection back up and people v busy so not much done recently but are on the case.
Question about how to deal with clashes of events across groups in Lancaster  - Virtual Lancaster already provide the space for this so no need to reinvent the wheel, H will contact them and will ask other groups to start using it more too.

GA Minutes, Sat. 5th May, 2012.

Notes from GA held in Dalton Square, Sat. 5th May, 2012.

GA Minutes 21.4.2012

Freeman’s Wood: “Green Man” protest against the Developers discussed and agreed; to coincide with appeal against TPO.
University Economics group: 7th November 2012 half-day conference was discussed. A mandate for Occupy Lancaster’s support was agreed at the last GA. Details of the University’s Economic Society meetings/talks will be supplied so that Occupiers can attend.
The suggested University of Occupy Lancaster was enthusiastically agreed by all; OK Café, Manchester’s programme of events cited as source of inspiration. UOL will continue to be developed.

Notes from the GA in the indoor market, 2pm Sat. 24th March, 2012.

1. Request we contact Manchester OKCafe to do a workshop in Lancaster one Saturday in the next few weeks.
2. Sat 31st: meet 1pm to walk round town, dressed in black, carrying a coffin: RIP the NHS, holding a "funeral" in Market Square (with eulogy etc.) - Also join with the Hardest Hit stall.
3. Sat. 7th (Easter Sat): 10am meet @ Ridge Bridge for canal clean-up towards town. Followed by 2pm GA - Sun St Square, if sunny; indoor market if wet.
4. Sat 14th: Freeman's Wood Action in Market Square - details to follow. "Bring Freeman's Wood to the People".

Occupy Lancaster, General Assembly Minutes 10th March 2012

Thanks to Pam for new banner. Picture to follow.

  1. Forthcoming events
  2. Next GA and future Outreach Activities
  3. Phone Tree
  4. Update on Okapi community space
  5. Legal
  6. AOB

1. Forthcoming Events:


Minutes from the G.A (25TH Feb)

Shortened Minutes from the G.A (25TH Feb)
NB:if anybody put up an agenda previously to be discussed at this G.A then some may have been left out beacuse we did not have the person who would have collated the information avaliable so we pretty much tried to remeber other agendas and put forward our own.
1) Collating Agendas
- can we please make sure that people who are responsible for collating the agenda items to make sure it gets passed on. If the second person cannot make it either then the same applies - find out who is going and pass on the details.

Occupy Lancaster! GA Minutes: Saturday, 18.2.2012

1. Hand Signals: 3 posters of hand signals & meeting process now made for future GAs.

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