Meeting minutes Sat 21 st Jan 2012

N.B. We were offered a space downstairs in the market after the meeting had finished.

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Meeting minutes Sat 21 st Jan

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Occupy Lancaster

* Upcoming dates:

Thursday 26th Jan

SOCIAL meeting in the pub, John o'Gaunt, 7pm. It was also suggested that sub groups could touch base with each other here.

Saturday 28th Jan

FLASHMOB 1pm - meet outside Next

MEETING 1.30pm - meet upstairs, by the top of the escalators in the market

WALK 3.30pm, setting off after the meeting.

* Info, announcements, decisions and things people will do.

FLASHMOB - There was a flashmob at the corner by Next this Saturday and peole have decided to repeat it. People froze for 2 minutes and then chanted 'We are the 99%. You are the 99%. Occupy Lancaster' and handed out leaflets. Suggestions for improvements included: making the 'freezing' section shorter, someone to set the rhythm for the chant, people bringing things to hand out. There was discussion about whether or not to stand close together so people were easily identified as part of the group. There was also discussion about trying a different slogan but it was kept the same temporarily.


If you want to be on the email list but haven't been emailed yet then contact "Lancaster Occupy" to ask to be put on the list.


This is for urgent shout outs only - for example when the Railton was evicted. The phone tree will be tested this week. At the moment only certain people are holding other people's contacts, but people can get in touch with the person who contacted them (when the tree was tested) if they have an urgent shout out they want to make.


Send their greetings! They are working on a 'What do yuo want the world to look like in 2050 and how can we work towards it?' project.


Feedback: currently there has been no reply from English heritage. The Railton has been included in a conservation area since May 2011, which means that the owner would need to apply to the conservation department to demolish it. Occupy London have 2 barristers who will support legal action around the eviction. ANYONE WHO WAS PRESENT AT THE EVICTION, INSIDE OR OUTSIDE, SHOULD RECORD EVERYTHING THEY CAN REMEMBER ABOUT WHAT THEY SAW, POLICE BEHAVIOUR ETC. More info will follow about the official format for a witness statement and where to send these to. A notice wil be made to be hung on the fence 'Crime scene: witnesses please come forward' or similar wording. Hoburn's solicitors were suggested as potentially friendly local solicitors.


Work is in progress around registering Freeman's Wood as a potential town green. A petition is suggested but people will contact Green party councillors to see what is already happening. People will also make contact with the Marsh Community Centre to see if anything is happening locally. Current state of play seems to be that the fencing process has been stopped because of the Tree Protection Orders. An offer was made to print and distribute leaflets when needed.


Existing working groups include homelessness, economics, communications and creativity, theatre, setting up a space/shop, mental health. Look on the website or facebook page for more info. Some groups will also touch base at the John o'Gaunt pub on Thursday at 7pm.


Hi Admin...can you private message me through the FB group. We have re-established a new comms group and want to share the burden of running the website ...